Ok who hit me with the sick stick?

I don't know what is wrong with me but I feel terrible. My throat is sore and itchy, I'm stuffed up and coughing and I feel dead tired all the time. I'm sure it's partly allergies but it's almost like something else could be wrong as well. I dunno. Stress probably. But I really don't need to be sick when I'm supposed to be getting ready to move this weekend and then have finals coming up AUGH.

Today hasn't been a very good day for me either. I've felt really down and unhappy about stuff and I can't figure out why. I'm unpleased with my grades in my Bio lab. I really studied for the last test we had but I only got a 74! Wtf? The lab tests are total crap. And I did extra credit but I don't know if it's going to be enough to get my grade up to a B where I need it. UGGGHHHH so stressed about it! And yeah I dunno I've just felt generally depressed. I'm sure it's cuz I'm nearing that time of the month but it seems really bad this time around. Here I thought it was getting better but apparently not. I feel very unwanted and out of place with everyone. I don't like it. 

I really hope I don't get sick though. I don't need to deal with that while trying to move. I'd probably end up screwing something up or forgetting something important.

Ugh I don't need all this. Someone fast forward in time so I can be done with moving and done with finals. Hell done with school would be nice too. Then I could go to London and yeah.

Only one more hour of work then I can go curl up and ignore the rest of the day.

Blah. Need a hug.
Twins, Kaulitz


Today was my birthday yay!!! I had to spend a good portion of it driving but that was ok! I had Graham with me and we had a fun drive. He's been playing my pokemon game lol! I've had tons of yummy food this weekend and I got $200 from my parents! Though they're on our Verizon rebate cards lol! XD Hehe very fun :3 There were some disappointments though :< Like some people I thought were my friends didn't even wish me a happy birthday which made me sad. I mean I at least try to do that for all my friends but oh well I guess. And of course there was traffic issues with the drive home, bleh. But ah well there was good stuff still! And I am now 22! Yay! I'm not ready for class and work tomorrow! I  want to go back to the hotel we stayed at and sleep more lol It was very nice ^^

I'm excited to spend some of my money, I got $30 from my pawpaw and a family friend. It'll probably buy my lunch this week ^^;;

Joy's wedding was gorgeous too! I cried, of course. She was beautiful and I was sad I didn't stay long but I can only be around 300+ people I don't know and have them constantly pushing religion on me. ^^; but yeah very pretty.

This weekend Graham and I have the move! I'm nervous/anxious/stressed! Everything seems to be in line but I dunno. There's so much cleaning to do at my place and I'm afraid I'll have to do it alone since it's on Friday. No clue if I'll get it done or not @_@ But I will be happy to have my own place with Graham finally! Lots of stuff to do for the apartment though DX ah well

So yeah busy day and very busy week to come! A little disappointed in some friends but such is life, ne? Things were still happy! Looking forward to being unpacked and in a new place lol but I suppose that will be a good while in the future ha ^^;

Oh yeah, and I have Graham addicted to pokemon XD he's been playing my game since the drive here and leveling up my pokemon so I'm ready to battle the elite four woo! It's adorable watching him lol!

Anyway off to bed! 



I am surrounded by idiots DX

So I have this group project I've been working on the past month. We had our power point due at the beginning of the month and then today we have our five page group paper. So I of course got my page and a half (because there are three of us we each need 1.5 pages) written Saturday morning and sent it to the person who said he would edit the paper and put it together. Welllll I never heard from him all weekend. So this morning I texted the other girl in our group to find out she hasn't heard anything and only has a page written. Well then she texts the guy and he's all like: Yeah it's not finished yet my "computer screwed up"  which I'm going to take it to mean he didn't do SHIT. So we have this paper which is only about two pages long, almost three though and it's due at 2:00. The time is currently 12:12. FML I hate working with groups of people like this. They totally did this to me with our powerpoint too. Just ugh. Dumbasses.

In other news though, My birthday is this Sunday!!! I will be 22 yay! And My friend is getting married on Saturday and then next weekend Graham and I move! Ahhhh so much going on! But we have everything nearly ready. I handled getting our electricity set up and getting us movers now Graham just needs to set up our cable and internet. I'm anxious/stressed/excited about all this. I hope everything goes smoothly.

I have two payments left on my SOOM Breccia! I've decided to name her Tatsuki and I think Shannon is gonna help me put together her bandit outfit made of fur and leather yaaaay! Exciting :3

I'm also trying to convince Graham we should go on a Frogurt/Sushi diet. Cuz it actually is totally healthy. But he's not going for it...will have to try harder lol

Hmmm I guess that's it so far. Lots of stuff has happened but everything is good for now. You for the group project fiasco I have going on right now. But hopefully it all works out. I'll see in about two hours lol.

Oh yeah Aya, my Custom House Prayer Choa is STILL FOR SALE! Only $375 plus shipping! If you're interested please lmk!!

Until later!

Twins, Kaulitz

Ahhh Spring Break

I've been so ready for this break, I needed it so badly and it's finally here~ left Denton this afternoon with eialyne and had a very fun car ride home. We're very crazy lol. Made it home and though I miss my love so much it felt nice. Laughed and joked with mom and dad had some delicious paninis which made me soooo full. I'm still feeling full! Mom taught me how to make 'Mexican Cheesecake' and I am SO making it for everyone as soon as Graham and I are moved in! It's delicious and sooooo simple! I think my friends and lover will like it :3 Tomorrow I spend the day getting my nails done FINALLY and then seeing Yuki, getting Jirah home and just hanging out. And hopefully at some point Eia and I will be getting sushi and going to Grand Station! I'll be car less on Monday and Tuesday because it will be getting repaired thank god. The car ride with the crappy A/C was tough for me since the sun was shining right on me! Ugh! But ah well it will be fixed and all will be happy. I brought Clover down with me so I hope to get pictures of her in mom's garden or somewhere pretty! I'm really hoping it stays pretty outside all week. The one thing I abhor about being home is the craptastic internet connection in my room. For some reason in this house my room gets shafted of everything! Heat in the winter, cool in the summer, internet connection! AUGH! So Ghey! Ah well it could be worse I suppose.

I miss Graham terribly, I won't lie. I love my bed here but it will not be the same sleeping alone. I've become so spoiled lol. I'm really anxious about our move, I'm excited but oh mein gott I don't want to pack!!! DDDD< lol

Anyway, finally on break and while people are making asses of themselves on the doll group meetup thread I'm away from it location wise and its nice :3 Though still, it's so annoying that they are acting the way they are ya know? Ah well the stupidity of some~

I forgot my book to finish reading in my car but I guess that means I'll be playing Investigation hehe! I took a bath for the first time and forever and it felt soooooooo good! I feel relaxed~ though a massage would be nice LOL!

Alas I am worn from the drive and ready to crash and play Investigations! Hope everyone else has a great spring break if you're on it, if not....sorry! ^^;

Jaaaaaaa ne~!

Hmmm stuff

Stuff. Yeah just lots of stuff. So many changes, so many things going on. So lets start from the beginning.

I won't be graduating in the fall. Yeah. It sucks balls. Turns out I'm still going to have 6 credits left to get by the time I get stuff done in Summer and Fall. It's irritating but I suppose it'll be a nice last semester to only have about 6 hours to worry about lol still I'm disappointed, not going to lie. I was really looking forward to being done soon. I'm so tired of school, it's actually driving me back into my depression which sucks. I need to go speak to the counselors at school again I'm sure because it's getting kind of bad when it really shouldn't be. I mean I know I should be happy and there are times where I am but little things ruin the happy a lot.

Anyway, Graham and I got the apartment, we'll be moving in together at the end of April. Seesh April is going to be a busy, busy month. The weekend before we move we'll be back home for a wedding and for my birthday. I'm also in the midst of trying to find a dress to wear to the wedding. I think I found something I like but it'll cost me a pretty penny. Though I think it's worth it since it is Lolita. But then I'm worried about my finances. My hours were cut and so the paychecks have been low. And I really want the new SOOM MD, Breccia but I'm worried I just can't afford her and keep up with everything else. It really sucks. Augh. I've gotta watch my spending.

Classes aren't going terribly. I mean I'm certainly not failing things, thank goodness. I made up for my first test in German by getting a 92 on our hardest test yet, so that was cool. I've done super well in World Literature. We have to write these composition things and I'm able to bs one in about 30 minutes and get an A- or B+, it's pretty awesome. And I did well on the first test. It's definitely much easier this time around because the teacher doesn't suck lol. My story, or rather Saku's story, is a big hit in my Creative Writing class, so I get to start on chapter two of it soon and have that reviewed and revised. Should be exciting ^^ I'm always happy when people like my stories. People actually stop me outside of class praising me, asking for more! It's so great! It really boosts my confidence!

So yeah it's not like things have been terrible, I just can't seem to get out of this depression. I get the paranoia that nobody really wants to be around me or that I'm not included in anything anymore and I really hate it. I go to hang out with my friends on the weekends and I feel like I don't fit in and that I don't belong with them anymore, it really sucks. And of course I get the doubts about my relationship, questioning why he wants to be with me, wouldn't he rather be with some one prettier, in shape, smarter. I definitely don't feel smart around him or everyone either, that's another thing. Ugh everyone makes me feel like an idiot, they don't mean to of course but still, it sucks. I want the paranoia and depression to just go away, I know it's stupid but it continues to plague me, ugh.

Uhmm what else? Oh I got my new doll, Clover, home. I haven't been able to play with her much because none of her clothes are in yet. Though it's been gorgeous outside I might take her out for pictures, especially if I can find some clover patches lol.

Ahhh I am so not looking forward to summer. I'm going to be taking so many classes and working as many hours as possible and then get like a two week break before full time fall semester and work. I was so looking forward to being done too! Ah well...I'll just have to keep on pushing. It just sucks that I get depressed every time I set foot on campus, that's no fun.

Ok enough rambling and depressing shit, I need to find something more entertaining to do or to get my mind off of it games will help. I have the new Miles Edgeworth game so yay!

Bitch plz

Dead Kit is Dead

I'm sick again, no surprise there, I know. Though this could have been avoided if the fucking nurse practiciner at the UNT health center had properly diagnosed me. But instead she just pushed me out the door claiming I had allergies. So days pass and I'm getting worse, so I went in today to find that a) I have bronchitis, not allergies (duh) and b) possibly the whooping cough. Oh joy. So I get to take tons of meds now. Oh and, if it gets worse, I'll have pneumonia. Buckets of fun.

Found out people are prowling my lj again for old posts that are like half a year old and sending them to people. Way to act like a teenage girl. I really don't give a fuck about the drama anymore, I've moved on, I'm happyish and I've got other things to worry about. Graham and I are planning on moving in together, I've got school and work stuff to worry about.

They cut my hours at work, that sucks balls. Especially since I've been sick and missing a lot of work lately. Augh. I've gotten the reoccuring paranoia that everyone hates me and wants to get rid of me and I'm starting to think it's true. But it could just be the paranoia. Who knows. Whatever. I'm trying to focus on school and getting other things taken care of. Ugh I am so done with school, ready to graduate and gtfo!!!! Hopefully will in Fall!

So yeah...stuff going on. Woo. Ready to go to bed. Oh yeah had a great v-day, got Graham Dexter season 1 and he's totally hooked and he got me a gorgeous necklace <3 and we had fun watching Dexter, The Ramen Girl and eating pizza yaaaaay.

So that's it. Stop passing my lj around, old posts are old and remember what the point of ljs are for: to rant and get out irritation about people.
Sex please


I'm making a Christmas list of things I want but didn't tell anyone cuz I don't feel comfortable with people spending lots of money on me :x it took Graham forever just to get me to admit to wanting a PSP lol. Anyway just my Christmas list cuz I'm booorrreeedddd

1. Dexter seasons 1-whatever season is out now
2. Psych seasons 1-whatever is out now
3. Torchwood seasons 1-2 and Children of Earth
4. The big turtle squishy plushy's like $40 but it's huuggggeeeee and I wants it :x
5. A purple wig to fit Jirah, my SOOM Culprit
6. Both Professor Layton games (I lost my first one T_T)
7. A new copy of The World Ends With You (Same as above T___T)
8. A passport (lol)
9. The new Mario Bros. Wii game and the game for the DS

And that's pretty much it :/ I wasn't really big on asking for stuff this year. But either way this is just a list, not givin' it to anyone. My mom didn't get her Christmas bonus because her boss is being an ass so we has no Christmas presents this year ^^;; kinda sad but ah well. Such is life. I don't even know if I'll be going home because I'm working up until Christmas Eve and my parents don't want me driving on the roads during the holidays due to traffic. I might just go home after the new year but still, it's sad. Graham said I could spend the holidays with him though so that was nice :3

My mom said though, if things turn around this new year we'd take a trip to California after my brother moves out there to see him before he's shipped off to Afghanistan (ignore the misspelling, I didn't feel like looking it up) so that might be fun in the summer. I like visiting California. And maybe if I'm lucky they'll let me go to the Volks Store or the Baby, The Stars Shine Bright store! I hope so! That'd be fun ^^ Or maybe we could be there when Comic Con or even Yaoi con is going on!!! That would be so cool! But I dunno, either way should be interesting.

That's about it for now. I'm almost done with finals! one more to go! And I got an A on the Poetry Portfolio I turned in! Which I was glad for since I put it together the night before/ the morning it was due '''XD lulz

Until later~!

A look into the rabbit hole

Lol I couldn't resist the title. I watched Alice on SyFy with Graham and it was AWESOME. Totally loved it! Hatter is the best of course! <3 I was disappointed with how they did the Cheshire Cat though :< but ah well. It was still good ^^

So lets! Well I'm approaching finals finally! I have two tests and one more portfolio left! I'm hoping I'll get the portfolio done soon, well I have to anyway, it is due by Monday at noon ^^;; lol but I'm not too worried. My Nonfic prof pretty much promised we'd all get good grades! So yay! German is going pretty well, I'm kinda nervous about the test but I'm sure I'll do alright! Yay!

Work is meh. There have been some issues but I'm living with it. Still it was a bit annoying. I was out for three days last week because I was pretty sick. Don't know what was wrong with me exactly but still it wasn't fun. The break was nice though!

Doll drama is getting totally lame. People are acting stupid and childish and should basically go fuck themselves. But you know, whatever. I have fun with the little group anyway. We're actually good friends that have other things in common so it's awesome.

Love life is wonderful <3 Graham and I are in our fourth month of dating! Yay! I love him so much <3 He makes me happy! ^^ I'm sad I won't be here on Christmas day but I'll be here for New Years which will be lots of fun :3 I need to get my Christmas shopping done though ugh X_x and then do taxes. Woo...hope I get a decent amount from taxes. And ooo need to sell textbooks so I can get more extra spending $$!!

So yeah...not too much exciting stuff going on. Most of my time is divided between school/work and then Graham and my friends lol. Next semester is going to be crazy!!! Here's my schedule!

Germ 1020- 10:00-10:50
Engl 2220- 12:00-1:20
Biol 1132 lab- 2:00-3:50

Germ 1020- 10:00-10:50
Engl 3140- 12:30-1:50
Biol 1132- 2:00-3:20
Engl 3450- 6:00-8:50

Germ 1020- 10:00-10:50
Engl 2220- 12:00-1:20

Germ 1020- 11:00-11:50
Engl 3140- 12:30-1:50
Biol 1132- 2:00-3:20

Germ 1020- 10:00-10:50

And then I work between all of those hours plus working at like 8:00 in the morning now @_@ Though I do get an extra hour or two of work because no one else will be here Wednesday afternoons. I'm a little bummed because I was going to leave campus early on Wednesday to spend a bit of extra time with Graham but ah least it won't be too bad. Still I'll be on campus for 37+hours @_@

So yeah. Should be an interesting semester. Summer will be tough. I'm going to be a full time student this summer plus work as full time as possible! But I will graduate next fall damnit! Even if I have to give up all my Summer!!!! I want to be done with school!!!

I guess that's it for now. Not much going on, but that makes it nice. I'm getting The Droid from Verizon as a late Xmas gift when we switch to Verizon in Feb! Yay!!!

So until later! Tschuss!
Bitch plz

To The Person Passing Around My Livejournal Around in the Doll Group


Get a life.

I don't regret anything I've said though, if you pissed me off then I had every right to rant about you either on my lj and twitter. If you're offended well you shouldn't have made me mad then, hm? :p

Just thought I'd let you know while you probably continue to pass it around.

Hi everyone else 8D Sorry I haven't updated much in awhile. Been busy. Will do a proper entry...eventually. Maybe not. I dunno I'm easily distracted after all.
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  • 17:20 So tired and soooo hoping it freezes over tomorrow! I don't want to go back to work!!!! &gt;&lt; #
  • 08:19 And as a side note, it's really fucking cold. I hate winter ~_~ #
  • 07:53 Ah well...w/e We'll continue to have our own smaller meetups without them because we're all sick of them anyway. #
  • 07:46 People like them just piss me off. They really don't need to be involved in the community and I wish they never were. Annoying bitches. #
  • 07:46 The rest of us have a right to chose locations we want to be at, not where you want just because you can't be bothered to leave Irving. #
  • 07:45 Seriously, Kyrenea and Skada, go fuck yourselves you pathetic excuses for human beings. The world doesn't revolve around your sad lives. #
  • 07:44 God damn some people in the doll community here SUCK. Stop trying to get out of the fact you do take over every fucking meet and go DIE. UGH #
  • 14:54 Yeah I totally fell asleep during my Poetry class today. #
  • 12:52 Today has seriously sucked though &gt;&lt; at least my poem is sucks tho. Hardcore DX #
  • 12:52 So because I have no headphones I'm going to make everyone suffer with my music choice so I can has some music at work. Ha. #
  • 11:10 ad: For really cheap flights from London to Middle East & Africa you must check out this site #
  • 08:43 Uggghhhhh fuck mondays. I forgot my German book and my headphones for today! DX #
  • 01:22 Very fun day and verrrrrryyyyyyyyy fun night! X3 #
  • 23:58 Heard Bad Romance on the radio it was happy making! Wish they'd play Tokio Hotel!!! #
  • 21:58 &lt;3 Lady Gaga! #
  • 21:58 I want your love and I want your revenge, you and me could write a bad romance~ Gotta say the song is awesome and the video is crazy XD #
  • 16:09 ad: Flights from London to Saudi Arabia and amazing prices.... #
  • 14:03 FML I forgot I had to do phone calls...and I wanted to leave in 30 minutes. Damnit &gt;&lt; #
  • 11:55 WOW! My lolita outfit could be here today! #
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