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The Yaoi Goddess' Godly Decrees

Kit's Ramblings

Kitsuna Ri
25 April 1988
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Hey all~!

I'm Kitsuna Aya Ri, though most of you know me simply as Kitsuna Ri or Kit. I'm an avid yaoi fan and referred to by many as the Yaoi Goddess (I don't let it get to my head, really :p ) and beyond being into yaoi, I love lolita and more especially, I love BJDs! I have my own, happy resin family and I've been into the hobby for nearly two years now! You'll see many entries about them or just BJD related things! My family consist of:

Kyle-Kid Delf Aru
Chancer Matthews- Kid Delf Bory
Kari-Kid Delf Cherry Girl
Sakuya Tsurugi-Senior Delf Bliss
Sakura Tsurugi-Delf Soony
Aya- Custom House Prayer Choa
Fubuki Kazemaru-Custom House Hyun
Cian Matthews- Senior Delf Cian
Jesse-SDF Wintry event head
Arisu-Volks Yo-SD Tanpopo
Usa-Chan-Fdoll Glenn

Macaroon SOOM Glot- ETA: Sept. 10th -_-
Jirah-SOOM Cuprit
Esmee-KDF Elf Cherry Girl-Arrived but is getting faceup and needs body!

Sometimes I'll go a bit emo on some of my entries; especially when I'm updating after a long point of absence; but I try not to! It's just sometimes life goes to hell and I gotta rant!

I may also post up various writing works; mostly original fandom, but sometimes fanfiction. I do appreciate feedback, but nothing negative or cruel. I have one helluva temper so I will bite back and things could go down the drain X_x

I hope to make many new friends and keep in contact with old friends! I have many interests so I'm sure I'll know many different types of people! :3

I also have a twitter! 8D So add me, kay? http://twitter.com/KitsunaRi